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Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:10 am

Commerce or engineering

should I pursue engineering or commerce? I want to work in the upper management of a robotics/automobile company. Would this require me to do a degree is a field of engineering supplemented by experience and a mba? Or could I also just do commerce as a undergrad and obtain an mba and experience.

I prefer doing commerce, but I feel that engineering would be the better route.

Asked by Daren2233hgg

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Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:41 pm

You know it takes 20-30 years in a career to reach upper management in a company, right? If you ever even get the chance to do so that is. Your question comes across as highly idealistic and very naive. It is beyond stupid to decide between two very different programs without a baseline. What the hell do you want to do in a robotics/automobile company? These are two very different industries for starters. There are both engineering and business professionals working in them in different capacities. Engineering grads are struggling to find jobs in Canada as our industry is miniscule compared to Asia, Europe, and the US. If you want better job prospects, you should attend a top tier business school. However, an engineering degree is probably more useful and directly relevant to work in robotics/automobile. Seriously though, have you done any research whatsoever into these industries? Your question is stupid. Maybe ask some people working in these fields what they do and what they recommend. Maybe find a university program focused on robotics/autmotobile?


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