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Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:00 am

Deciding My University Path

Hello, I am currently a grade 12 student is applying to universities. I have many questions about universities so please try to answer as many as you can.For the Waterloo and Laurier DD students.1) Which DD is better? BBA and BMath or BBA and BCS? Can I switch from One of the DD to the other in upper years if I choose to?2) If I want to to specialize in accounting for my BBA will I need to take an extra semester? (I heard you have to, I don't know). Or can I take 6 courses per semester? Is that viable to even do? 3) If I want to pursue the business side of my degree later (maybe accounting or finance) which school should I make my home school?4) Does the DD actually give an advantage?For Rotman Commerce Students:1) How do the colleges that I have to rank affect me? I do not plan to live on residence if I go to Rotman so does the colleges impact me in any other way?2) Can you specialize in both accounting and finance?3) How does Rotman make up for no co-op?For Schulich Students:1) Is BBA or IBBA better objectively in the sense for future employment and general knowledge? 2) Can you defer from one to other?3) Does the program make up for no co-op somehow?Western Ivey Students;1) Can you provide a general experience and pros you believe Ivey provides you?2) How does Ivey make up for no co-opOther questions;1) Rank , Schulich, Western Ivey , Rotman,, and the Waterloo DD which is better and why?2) Who has the better name, Western Iver, Schulich or RotmanSorry for so many questions, please try to answer as many as possible. Thanks so much for your time

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Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:00 am

Ivey HBA1 student here! A breakdown of some of the pros and cons I personally experienced:I loved being able to explore interests outside of business in the 2+2 program, and it helped in diversifying the classroom given some came from Eng, some from Science, some from Social Science, etc.Once you're in Ivey there is no lack of support from peers, profs, and admin staff. Career counselling runs mock behaviourals, and there's plenty of clubs with resources for whatever industry you're interested in working in.Because of the small class sizes your classmates truly do become family. Even though there is competition for jobs, no one has ever hesitated to help me in classes or preparing for an interview and I would always try to help them whenever I can.However, there is an obvious disadvantage to not starting business right away. Because I was in Psychology to start and didn't have any family connections, this upcoming summer will be the first time I hold a legitimate business job. Additionally, recruiting is ramping earlier and earlier, so those interested in finance must learn the lingo themselves and find summer internships often before they start in Ivey in September of third year.There is the risk of losing AEO. The majority of individuals who gain it do hold it, but some don't focus in first year and are the ones desperately asking for "bird" courses in second year to get the 85 average they need to meet an 80 overall.Because of the 2+2 program you don't get as much choice in electives, you can't get a specialization placed on your degree, and trying to do opportunities like exchange is more difficult.To reiterate for your second question, you're on your own for the first two years to find summer jobs (however regular Western clubs such as Western Investment Club can help), but once you're in Ivey the career management services are unrivalled. Hope this helps!


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