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Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:02 am

UTM management or Ryerson management

I accepted UTM (management specializing in HR management) but I’m beginning to question if I would like it and if it’s worth it. I searched up a bit and saw some people say that UTM management is not that impressive and is low risk low rewarding. It doesn’t have coop which I would prefer but I can just look outside but unsure if it that would be easier or harder to do especially if I don’t have much experience in working or that in relation to management. Ryerson in general has not that great reputation I am aware but Ted Rogers I think is more reputable, but apparently some employers will still not hire if you are from ryerson (not sure if it’s true to this day I think I searched from a forum that’s like around 2011). I like ryerson as I did most uni research on them and seems more fun than UTM because it’s in Toronto and doesn’t have small branches and probably the smallest one (UTM). UTM I don’t know much about because honestly before I applied I didn’t do much research as I didn’t imagine myself there before since I was worried of the reputation of being stressful. I applied because I know someone who went to UTSC and said to apply and I chose UTM. I like UTM because of the convenience it’s near my house and the association to UofT though. Should I just stick with UTM and if I don’t like it apply to a different school like western, UTSC, laurier? Sorry I wrote a lot but I feel a bit of sense of “what if” and want to figure it out

Asked by Vp23

Chinguacousy Secondary School (Brampton)

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