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Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:20 pm

Transferring to Mac Nursing from Brock

I am currently a 2nd year nursing student at Brock University and am having a really hard time liking Brock's nursing program. I love nursing but I wish I would have went to Mac instead. I feel like I'm learning nothing (even pre-covid) and don't feel confident at all passing my NCLEX (even though it's 2 years away).
Is it a good idea to transfer to Mac? According to their website, as a previous nursing student at another university I can only transfer to MoMac if I want most of my credits to apply. If I apply and get into Mac's program, my nursing credits from Brock won't apply and I would most likely have to start over.
My high school average was 92%, my 1st year uni average is 82% and my first semester average from this year is a 90%. Do I even have a chance?
Any advice??
Also if anyone has any questions about Brock's nursing program feel free to ask!!

Asked by Emers392

Brock University St Catharine

1 answer

Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:08 am

Yes, you have a very decent shot at transferring with those grades. Although transfer spots are very limited and differs year to year. The other thing you pointed out is that if your existing nursing credits don't transfer over, you will have essentially wasted two years and thousands of dollars in tuition. If I were you, I'd just finish at Brock since you're already doing so well and in healthcare, it ultimately doesn't matter where you attend, you'll have a job for life once you graduate.


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