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Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:18 am

what are some good business schools in ontario?

Does anyone know a good undergrad business school/program that is Ontario that is within my grade range? Co-op is even better. Grades last year was mid 70s, and this year is 88.5 and probably will be maintained at that range throughout the year. If some schools require supplementary or think i need them, what can i include for job and volunteering if i lack in that area?

Is Laurier a good business school?
is UofT good as well but is it super stressful?

Asked by Vp23

Chinguacousy Secondary School (Brampton)

1 answer

Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:30 am

Ivey and Smith are the best in ON. If you can get a bump somewhere, you might have a chance for Ivey AEO. For Smith, once you exceed the 87 cut-off, all they care about is the quality of the supplementary which is where you include the ECs to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Yeah, Laurier is decent, but probably considered tier-2, and Rotman is alright but they accept way too many students so the class sizes are huge and also because they print out so many degrees, it'll be devalued compared to the other more competitive, tight-knit programs.


33 Central School (Fillmore)

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