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Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:04 am

Can I get into University of Toronto Physical and Mathematical Sciences with a 78 in English

So basically with Covid and everything, my school year is divided into 4 quadmesters with 2 courses in each. My 4th quadmester shall begin at the end of April and go until the end of the school year. Physical and Mathematical sciences requires an admission average of low to mid 80s with English and Calculus as its sole prerequisites. Apparently English will be in Quadmester 4 and UfT has said that it will instead use my grade 11 English mark and only use my grade 12 one to certify I completed the course. My ENG3U mark was an abysmal 78 and I am worried that I shall not get in with my English mark. My guidance counselor said I shouldn't worry about it because of my other courses. I have an 83 in Advanced Functions, 92 in International Business, a projected 94 in Economics, 93 in Data Management, then a 91 in Calculus, and a 97 in Canadian and World Politics. Is it possible to get into Physical and Mathematical Sciences that want a low to mid 80s average with a 78 in Grade 11 English?

Asked by MEmaadS

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Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:16 am

Well while technically is possible, you should definitely improve that mate, I think you can find some options here, check it out don't rule it out, maybe you can take one of this courses and put it as an extra credit and that would make the difference


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