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Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:00 am

McMaster Health Science 2017 Transfer Application

Hey guys,I am currently a McMaster Life Science I student and coming from high school I had a 96% average and now that I am done my first term, my average is not quite as high as I naturally hoped (Of course) and I applied to Health Science McMaster as my first choice coming in from highs chool, and I did the supplementary application questions. Note that for the questions, I answered the A) graph question B) use this space for anything appropriate C) assumptions based on the graph. After answering them, I had a lot of people and professors and teachers look over it and I wanted to share my idea and gain feedback. Unfortunately, I was devastated to hear I was not accepted and I just did not know why. Regardless, I still love Mac and I came here studying Life Science. Life Science is still great, but I have known for more than a decade the specific field and branch of health care I am deeply passionate about and health science is a little more tailored and specific to that. I find the material covered in health science courses absolutely fascinating and more narrowed than Life Science. Please if anyone has experience or advice, I wish to transfer to the Health Science program for my second year, and although wishing for it will not happen I understand, but so far my average is above the acceptance cut-off and my issue is not knowing what I did wrong with my application and how to correct my mistake? Approach the application? What to talk about? Only few get accepted and it is very competitive, how can I increase my chance? any advise? I would really appreciate anyone that would help me become one closer to my goal Thanks!

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