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Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:34 am

Should I take 3U Functions this year in grade 10???

So in grade 9 math last year (1st semester) I got a 95 in academic math, and this year in grade 10 academic math I got a 96. I'm wondering if I should take 3U functions this year so I can take 4U functions next year in grade 11 and then only calc in grade 12 or I take 3U and 4U functions next year in grade 11 and only calc in grade 12 or I could go at a normal pace and take 4U functions and calc in the same year of grade 12? However, I heard that the jump from grade 10 to 11 math is large, so I don't know if I should take it this year because I might get a lower mark.

Asked by blueizuku

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Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:45 pm

It all depends. As long as you have taken grade 10 math first semester then grade 11 functions second semester, you should be fine. Disclaimer though that grade 11 is a big switch from grade ten as in where grade 9 and 10 math are closely related and then all of a sudden it is a new switch when you are introduced to functions. But to get to the point, it is a large jump as in new material but I found functions to be extremely easy. If you managed to get those marks for 9 and 10, it is safe to bet that you'll be just fine in functions.


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