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Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:42 am

ubc or uoft??

I just got accepted to both UofT (St George) and UBC (Van) but am not sure which to pick. I live in Vancouver and wish to study psychology. Which university is a better fit for my plan to study psych? I know UofT is considered prestigious and is #1 in Canada and around #20 in the whole world. Whereas UBC is #2-3 in Canada and in the mid 50's of the world (which is still really good imo). Considering I live in the province, attending UBC will be easier however I can easily move to Toronto as I have family there. Although I'm not sure if I can handle it as I never even been to Toronto yet. Is Toronto a big change compared to Vancouver? I also heard in UofT it's much harder to get into grad school than UBC, is this true?
I would love some input, especially to those who moved provinces for university. Thanks!

Asked by kocha

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Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:00 am

For psych, just go to the school closest to you because it's all the same. This is only undergrad. Reputation only matters for grad school. Plus, the prestige between these two schools aren't really an important factor because they're both among the largest schools in Canada in terms of student population and both have acceptance rates above 50%. Toronto is almost identical to Vancouver in the sense that they're both two metropolitan cities, but of course the weather in Central Canada is far worse than west coast Canada. They're both difficult to do well in because you're competing with thousands of other smart people, it won't be a cake walk either way.


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