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Hi! I am really interested in the Undergraduate BA Child Health program at Brock University. I have looked at the university site about their program but the information about the program is very limited. It would be really great to know about the courses, how the classes would look like, where and how clinical experience will take place and the campus. :) The moment I saw this program, I was thrilled because it can be a great opportunity for me to fulfill my dream as a pediatrician. I want to take this program as a first step! I will really appreciate all the answers to these questions :D 

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Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:00 am

The program does look interesting. You should know that if you do not get into med school, then it's just as useless as most other BA/BSc degrees out there. Moreover, even if you do get into med school, the pediatrics residency is highly competitive to get into (much easier getting into family medicine). So there will be a lot of hurdles for you to cross before you become a pediatrician. That being said, I'm sure you can still work with children in some capacity in the future if that is your goal, even it may not be as a pediatrician. I just browsed through the course selection and it appears to be quite generic. You can take all  of these courses at any university in other similar children's studies and health science/ studies programs: Year 1 - Introduction to Health Sciences, Introduction to Biology I, Introduction to Child and Youth Studies, Introductory Statistics, One Humanities Context Credit...Year 2 - Biostatistics I, The Health of Canadian Society, Research Methods in Health, Nutrition, Child and Youth Development, Children and Youth With Exceptionalities, Childhood, Youth and Society...Year 3 - Introduction to Human Sexuality, Issues in Health Policy, Health Promotion, The Health of Children...It seems like a program where they just took a bunch of math and science courses from different streams, and Children's Studies courses from the liberal arts program, and grouped them all together, then added the label "Child Health." Don't be misled. This is another typical children's studies and health science combined program. It does not help you to become a pediatrician. I don't see anything about the clinical experience bit on their website. Where did you get this from?DavidWestern JD, Ivey HBA/BMSc


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Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:00 am

So what other program would you recommend that will best fit my interest in working with children? I just want to work around children in general. In the meantime, I am on my psychology degree and planning to focus on child psychology.


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Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:00 am

Any of these programs will do. You just need to be prepared to pursue further graduate/ professional schooling in some capacity to reach your goals. There aren't really any undergraduate programs out there that lead directly into careers working with children, although social work may be one of them. If you want to work as a child psychologist, then you'll need to get your PhD in the field. Take your undergrad as a stepping stone and don't worry too much about where or what you do it in. It's at the graduate level where you'll really be able to focus on your particular area of interest.DavidWestern JD, Ivey HBA/BMSc


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