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Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:00 am

Should I Stay In My Program or Go?

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is having a great school life so far and not making it as complicated as mine.

So I've just started my second year into Life Sciences (Biological Science). I realized however, that maintaining a high mark in this program is going to require a lot of effort, just like first year did, but it was rewarding.

I got accepted into Public Health (rather than Human Health). About after a week of thinking about it, I chose to not go towards the health sciences degree because I noticed that some of the courses they have were a bit too easy.

Now I'm here. Just finished my first days at university (I go to UOIT), and I realized that I don't neccasarily like what I do but I don't hate it either.

I want to go into an X-ray technologist program that requires only 1 year of life sciences pre reqs that I already have, but it's too late since they already accepted, so they are only accepting next year. The cutoff is B- for the program I want (I have 3.07).

However, since this year looks like it'll be the hardest, a part of me says to keep going and push through while learning through the cracks, a part of me tells me to go into Public Health while maintaining a good GPA and another part of me tells me to not go to school this year, apply and wait until next year if I get accepted.

Now it comes to this, I'm meeting up with an advisor soon about options. I have until September 17th to drop and add courses with 100% refunding.

What should I do?

Here's the link to the program: ... AqKdhZOSZw

Asked by omarawwadeh2446473

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