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Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:00 am

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Serendipity, or unexpected benefits broken axle on the bike...

Serendipity is "unexpected error", "happy accident", this term is usually referred to a situation in which we find something, while looking for something else. When we had a nice situation in a completely unexpected, "accidental" spot.

It's a great phenomenon happens to us more often when strolling, than when we run out. Today, again, it had while in the middle of the road work broke the axle on the bike. Willy-nilly rest of the way on foot beat. And in a completely new way saw the area that I pass every day. In this cycle a bit tedious march, for lack of a better deal my thoughts went in new directions and were importing my solution to a problem with the customer over the wrack my brains for a long time.

But this blog business, so how about this? Now, this great feature of our mind has many benefits and there is a solid business case to these states consciously sought. Many of the greatest leaders have mentioned that the most important decisions, ideas, products were born in their heads in the most unusual places and situations. However, Serendipity is fleeting phenomenon to experience it and to use it you have to be careful.

And how often you are creating the conditions to befallen you "happy accident"?

How to do it?

Change the way to work, or maybe just a means of transport, on the way back and get off a stop earlier.

Lie down before sleep, and the next morning come two hours earlier to work.

Take out of the house and sandwich lunch break rather than rush to the shoulder out of the house, or take the elevator to the upper floor. Look around, let your attention followed in any direction.

When you're stuck in a sterile discussion, stop it. Take care of something else, and will soon return to its caller with a good, satisfactory solution, which itself comes into your head.

Do something different, even use the corner of the kitchen another department, perhaps you'll meet the person for whom you still lacked the time?

The conference abandon proven companions, sit down to a table of strangers can meet his new employer, client or employee?

Serendipity is waiting for you; you just give him a chance!

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