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Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:00 am

what are my chances of getting into UBC sciences or UBC applied biology hopeful? NEED INFO!!!!!

-trying to find out if i have a shot at UBC sciences for biology or for applied biology

-im a u.s. student so im a bit confused on where i stand.
-basically freshman to sophmore year i made straight A's
-junior year, i got straight A's in precal, u.s. history ap, english ap,
got a b in physics...oh well.
by the way, this is first semester

second semester
pretty much all straight a's

senior year...
i took all AP classes
AP BC calculus, economics, high b's
psychology, english, biology ap, a's

I don't know much about the canadian school systems but in the states, we usually consider the second semester of senior year a blow off year, since our gpa's are frozen.
-however, my korean parents still expect a samurai discipline, so i wont be dropping any classes but i will be taking on off period and a sociology class. easy stuff

oooh.... i also got literally several hundred hours of volunteer and community service hours, school awards, etc.
-i've been president of four individual clubs since my freshman and sophmore year, i got pretty good sat's......sooooooo... what are my chances? i would love to hear from anyone, especially a canadian or even a ubc student

-out of the 4.0 scale, i stand at a 3.778
-entire high school career, i took only advanced placement classes or pre advanced classes

one more thing.... does being international improve my chances or no?

Asked by yungjung903330176

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