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Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:00 am

How to write an essay based final exam?

As someone who prefers the sciences, writing is something I had to work on over the years to do well in my other subjects. Here are some tips I have found helpful on how to prepare for and write an essay based exam: Before the exam:1. Anticipate what questions may be asked: Brainstorm the main concepts, theories, or outcomes of the course. Essay questions are open-ended questions that are created from the big picture ideas that you can elaborate on and/or give your opinion.2. Practice writing about the questions you brainstormed: Even if the topics are different than the actual exam questions, you will be better prepared for the writing and critical thinking process. If the questions are given ahead of time, take the time to brainstorm solid arguments. 3. Know the content of the course: The more familiar you are with the course content, the easier it will be to write about a given topic. During the exam: 1. Make sure you understand what the teacher wants in your response: Look for key words in the question to determine if you have to argue one point, compare different theories, reflect on your personal opinion, etc. 2. Make Notes: I find it helpful to write down what I know about the topic, so I have something to go back to when writing. Idea maps don’t work for me, but I know other people who swear by them. 3. Organize and formulate an argument: Write a thesis and organize your notes to support your argument. Having a plan makes the writing process easier. 4. Avoid writing a generalized response with a whole bunch of random facts. Even if you know a lot about the topic, the professor wants you to be able to present your facts in a focused and organized manner. Well written essays have direction and avoid redundancy.5. Instead of focusing on the length of the essay, focus on having a well-written argument. Quality is more important than quantity. 6. Beware of the time: If you have to write more than one essay, make sure you allow enough time to answer each question. Writing two good essays is better than one excellent essay and one half finished essay. 7. Review: If you have extra time make sure to read over your essay to make sure your ideas flow in a logical manner and fix any grammatical errors. I hope these tips come in handy with your upcoming exams!-Michelle Young, yconic student ambassador

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Tue Oct 06, 2020 12:12 pm

It's easy to get insulated when you homeschool your child. You could look up other homeschooling networks in your general area and see if you could bring your child in to learn or into an event of theirs. This is a good way to pick up new, fun, homeschool projects and get out to meet different people. Many homeschooling networks have their own culture and way of doing things. This is particularly useful if you as an educator are weak in a particular subject and another network isn't.
Some homeschooling networks allow for you to exchange students or to group your students together to form something more like a classroom. This is particularly useful if you lack a certain educational background or if you excel in one. For example, if you have a strong background in classical literature, you could head the reading section. If someone else is good in science, they can take that one from ... -students/. By figuring out what a parent's strengths are, you assure that your student is getting a good education and getting some socialization outside of the home.
One of the major drawbacks to homeschooling is the lack of socialization outside of your personal social structure. It's possible to have an education and fun homeschool experience. By getting out and experiencing other activities with students that are not homeschooled, your children are gaining common background with their peers. This common background and shared experience will assist them in forming bonds when they get out of the homeschool environment and enter the workforce.


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Wed Oct 07, 2020 11:54 am

thanks for sharing


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Tue Oct 13, 2020 5:36 pm

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Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:30 pm

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