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Cooking, as many people say, is an art, especially since one can get quite creative with cooking ingredients and come out with something delicious. However, different people have varied feelings regarding the process of cooking, which are either bad or good. While making the commercial advert, I experienced quite many things, whereby at some instances, there were challenges. My recipe was the Indian chicken curry over rice, which is a favorite dish to many. With the help of a friend who helped me shoot this film, I came up with an excellent commercial food advert; however, it was not an easy task, especially when it came to editing. Overall, the video took up to 19 minutes, so we had to reduce it to 4 minutes 30 seconds and still manage to pick the best parts and come out with a high-quality commercial.
The first step I did was to get the ingredients for the chicken curry recipe, which again proved quite taxing. Getting the ingredients from the supermarket was hectic as some of them were not available, and so I had to rush to the grocery market. The ingredients included 2-tablespoons of olive oil, two onions, one chilli, 450g chicken, 2garlic cloves, salt, turmeric, tomatoes, and curry paste. Then came the cooking part which I did while filming was taking place; I had to ensure my voice could be heard clearly. Multitasking was tremendously hard for me, but since I wanted a perfect film, I had to recollect myself and work with my videographer. At times, I had to demonstrate some of the things I was doing like chopping meat into small pieces, mixing the ingredients, and also how the final dish looked like as well as how to present it in an appetizing manner. My audience was a group of my age, and so I had to make it interesting for them not to get bored. I also had to make sure my voice kept the audience wanting to know what I was doing.
Cooking entailed chopping vegetables into small pieces and then cutting the chicken into small pieces, fry both vegetables and chicken in a pan and cooking the dish from about 5 to 6 minutes. The next step was to put in chilli and the other remaining ingredients. As all this was happening, I was still cooking rice in a cooking pot. Since I had to explain what I was doing on camera, I really struggled not to burn myself as well as the food. Luckily, I came out unhurt and the food looked good, though there was no comparison to that of a chef. Elaborating on what I was doing was to help my audience understand what I was doing and why I was doing it. From the cooking experience, I learnt that despite the challenges, cooking is sometimes fun, especially when the food comes out as you wanted it ? perfect.
After all the cooking, there was still the editing bit, which was something I had never done before, so I found it somehow challenging. Our original video ran for 19 minutes since there was much to do in the kitchen. Nevertheless, I had to cut some of the bits in order to shorten it and leave the best parts that would make a great commercial. The whole 19-minute video seemed to have all the vital information, which meant that cutting some parts would change everything. Therefore, I took the parts that made sense and came out with a 4-minute and 30-seconds commercial.
From this experience, I learned that I could achieve whatever I wanted if only I put my mind and effort in it. I am not a fun of cooking, but I still managed to do it while on camera. The final commercial looked good, and this made me feel quite happy with myself. I got a feeling of what top chefs go through, especially when they are on a television show. The process of cooking can be what one takes it to be challenging and tedious or something that is fun. Playing around with the ingredients can result to food never tasted before. People need to cook much more often than they do since their health largely depends on it. Overall, I am very proud of myself for having achieved this task.

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