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York vs Western

York…Or Western? Western is currently my first choice, McMaster is my second, and York might be my third. I am determined that I want to go there. I am interested in applying there for Kin, I live in Mississauga. Western is far, but I have already made arrangements and plans which my parents support. However, now they are telling me about how York is an easy university and it will help me get good grades for the PharmD grad program. I am not really interested in York university and I am not willing to plan out anything for it. So I would like to know if Western really is a hard university, and if the program too is harder. I just want to know the differences.

2 Answers

  1. Just go to York, dude. It’s kin, not worth moving cities to study that. You’ll save so much more $$ by commuting and you should be more concerned about GPA for pharm school.

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  2. No to burst your bubble, but programs like pharmacy, medicine, law, and dentistry are some of the most difficult to get into in the country. York is the third largest university in Canada at 55,000+ students, so if it was as easy as people said it was, we’d have more people from York going into these difficult professional programs. No matter where you go, it will be difficult for you to get into a pharmacy program. You need to perform very well in your classes and on the PCAT.

    You will have a better social life at Western. It is a huge party school and a better environment if you want to experience the traditional undergraduate life. York is a commuter school. However, York is cheaper, in Toronto, and more diverse.

    You are dropping a lot of money for Western for a useless degree. If you are OK with that, then go to Western. Personally, I probably would for the social life because I can tell you as someone who got his law degree in Toronto, you will never have that experience again in your life.

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