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York University Winter session 2019

Hey, so I am posting this because I am freaking out. I had applied for the winter session at York University for psychology in early November. I had told them I am doing 3 courses, two of which I can get them the final mark by the end of November and the third one might be a little late, and that was fine. I gave them the marks for my first two and for the last one I had called in to make sure if I can give it in still. The admissions office said the latest to bring it in is December 14, so I made sure I gave mine December 14 right when admissions opened. I had called them yesterday morning because I still didn’t get my acceptance letter and according to this person at their admissions office, they said it will take 10-15 business days for the marks to process and they are going on holidays on December 21. According to them, I might not even get admitted for Winter session because it might be too late. But this isn’t making sense to me one of my friends had applied for winter session and had gotten an acceptance letter 3 days after they had given their final mark so why is mine 10-15 days? I am very confused. I need some insight I am going to talk to them this morning when they open because I need to get into winter session, I already am one semester late and my parents will not be happy at all.

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