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York University Biology Major and Concurrent Education

Hi, I really want to become a high school biology and chemistry teacher! I was thinking to apply to York’s concurrent education, but what i am confused about is how it works. I understand that you are completing your education degree with your other degree, so does that mean that when you apply you pick your major then concurrent education? (someone please explain how this works), and also is concurrent education 4 years or 6 years? And as for my major, i wanted to major in biology but i hear that it is very hard and stressful. Of course a science degree is hard but would it be as hard as for someone who is not doing premed? is it always studying? no social life? If anyone could explain both biology major and concurrent education that would be very helpful. Thank you!

2 Answers

  1. Teacher’s college is what you do after completing undergrad. Con-ed just means you get to do your BEd after undergrad without having to apply with undergrad GPA. It use to be a year, but they increased it to two because there are too many teachers and not enough teaching jobs.

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