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York University Acceptance Mark

Hi guys so me and my boyfriend applied for York for the same programs – business and society, economics, and Human Resources 

I have been already accepted due to my high mark in grade 11, but my boyfriend has not get any yet. He is getting an average of 79 this year I’m very worried and I would like to know:

1. Would he be able to be accepted for an average ~79%? (All 3 admission requirements are mid to high 70s)

2. Which of the 3 programs would be the most useful? 

3. If he doesn’t get accepted, will York offer any alternative choice ? 

Thank you

3 Answers

  1. Lol, "business and society." This is a nonsense social science program, not a business degree. You graduate with a BA, not a BComm or BBA. It's not a real business curriculum.

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