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Would they look at my grade 11 mark if I do summer school for grade 12?

I got a disappointing mark of a 64 in ENG3U and usually it is in the low 80s. I am taking ENG4U at summer school and predict my mark to be low 80s to mid 80s. If I apply for early admission (or not) would they look at how I did in grade 11 and compare it with my grade 12 summer school English mark? I’m scared of them comparing the two marks and judging the gap of my marks.  

2 Answers

  1. If the programs you apply to make early offers using grade 11 marks they will first take any completed grade 12 marks. This means that if you have already completed English 12U when you apply they will use that mark and not your grade 11 one. In the end however all that matters is grade 12 marks. You can be accepted early based on grade 11 marks but you can not be denied. If your grade 11 marks are not high enough they will wait to see your grade 12 marks. Also not all programs make early offers. The more competitive admissions is for a program the less likely they are to make early offers.

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