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will UWO pull my seat??? HELP

So I have found myself to be in a dilemma. I am a grade 12 student from Nova Scotia and have applied and was ACCEPTED to Western for political science based off of my grades last year. (I took math 11, English 11, bio 11, Gaelic studies 11, dance 11, yoga 11, sociology 12, law 12, art 11, global geography 12, chemistry 11). For all of these courses combined my average was about 88.7%. Up until this summer, I had wanted to take business at MUN (no pre cal required) but then changed my mind. Upon doing this, I decided to take pre cal 11 online this semester through Nova Scotia Virtual Schooling (semester 1 grade 12) because I decided I wanted to apply in Ontario and pre cal is a prequisite for the schools I applied to (Ottawa, Western, Queens). In October, I decided that I really have no interest in business and applied to political science. So I basically have taken pre cal 11 for no reason, I am also not taking pre cal 12 next semester anymore. The prerequisite for political sci (faculty of social sciences) is just English. I should add that I am taking pre cal 11 and math 12 at the same time since I have enough credits to finish high school early at the end of January and need a grade 12 math credit to do so. But here’s the thing. I am failing pre cal 11 with a 46%. These are my other current grades for this semester are math 12: 83, English 12: 95, Biology 12: 82. So WITHOUT pre cal 11 my average is an 87 and WITH it is is a 76 (for this semester) and the average needed to maintain your seat at Western is 84. My overall grade 12 average including: math 12, English 12, law 12, bio 12, sociology 12, global geography 12 is 88.3. SO: Will Western base my final admission average off ONLY grade 12 courses no matter if I took them in grade 11 or not? Or will pre cal 11 be included in my final admission even though it is not a pre req for political science (faculty of social science) since I am taking it in grade 12, thus resulting in my seat being pulled because it drags my average down so much.   THANK YOU!!!!

2 Answers

  1. Grade 11 marks may be used to grant early conditional admissions. Final decisions however will be based on maintaining a specified minimum average for your grade 12 university level courses. Your grade 11 math mark won’t matter provided you meet the criteria for high school graduation and you have a sufficiently high enough average with your grade 12 marks.

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  2. What are the conditional requirements listed in your offer? You should already know the answer to this yourself if you’ve been accepted.

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