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will there be teaching jobs in the future for Canada?

Hey, will there be an increase in job openings for  high school or middle school teachers in Canada, in the future?

6 Answers

  1. There will definitely be less in the future because technology and broadband Internet allows people to self-educate. Why bother commuting to some bum classroom an hour away from home when you can just watch lectures from the comfort of your bedroom without even having to take off your PJ's?

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  2. Only in French, Math, and Aboriginal Education. There are lots of people who came out of teacher's college years ago who still don't have full-time positions. 
    You're the one who asked about Teaching vs. Nursing, right? I'll put it very simply for you. People are having fewer children today and our population is decreasing. There are far more teachers coming out of teacher's college than jobs available simply because people are holding onto their jobs longer and there are fewer children being born. Canada's largest population is the baby boomer generation reaching retirement and seniority. This is why nursing care will become more needed in the near future. It's simple economics, really. You can generally figure out if a career will be in more or less demand by what's happening in society. Advancements in technology? You know things like Fintech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence will be more in demand than say data entry clerks and insurance underwriters that will soon have their jobs automated by AI and other technologies.

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  3. My teachers have often said that if you’re going to teach STEM subjects or French or STEM subjects in French, you may end up getting a job.

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