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Will I still get in?

I looked over my admissions package from UOIT again.

There are 3 conditions of admission that I needed to meet and I meet all of them.

There is also a “Program Prerequisite” and it says ENG4U, MHF4U and two of MCV4U, SBI4U, SCH4U or SPH4U. It also says that I need to have a combined minimum average of 70 percent in my math and science courses.

My question is, if I meet the three conditions of admission, and I’m getting a 71% average using ENG4U, MHF4U and SBI4U, SCH4U for the program prereqs, but, I’m getting a 68% average of my math and science courses combined, will I still get accepted?

Thanks for your help 🙂

2 Answers

  1. If the conditional offer states that minimum of 70% is required in science courses and math, you must get 70%, if not, your offer will be revoked.

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