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Will I get into Western Ivey 2019

Hi I was wondering if I had a shot of getting into ivey? My average isnt the best its… average   EC: president of junior achievement company, president of business club, dance for 6 years, volunteer at camp (2 months), works at mcdonalds, exec member of key club   average: 90   does anyone know any other good business schools?

4 Answers

  1. I am in Gr 12 and I got my Ivey AEO status. Don’t talk about “getting into Ivey” because you will look foolish if you get the AEO status and claim that you’re in Ivey when really, you only have the precondition.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I would say yes and no. Yes because you have leadership positions and you were employed before. Yes if you mentioned what you had done in those positions which showed “leadership, commitment, breadth, etc…” The essay part MATTERS because even if you are president of business clubs, Ivey won’t really give a sh*t because it is not only you who has the same position. You want to stand out. Maybe you should have chosen dancing as part of your top three because they want to see your diverse interests.

    For the “no” part, your average is in a critical range. Are you sure it’s top six? Cuz Ivey calculates your top six only so you could have a 91 instead. No, you may not receive an AEO status if you just chose your leadership positions for the top three activities.

    If I were in the admissions committee, I would have liked you to list dancing, working at McDonalds and being president of junior achievement club in your top three. Working at McDonalds may not sound impressive, but I would have liked to hear how you dealt with a difficult customer. If you wrote your essays well, I would have voted yes to give you the AEO status.

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    • I didnt put dance as I stopped in the 10th grade, the instructor ended the program. should I have still put it? I also did band (5 years) but ended in the 10th grade, should I have put that instead?

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      • If you have been dancing for a long time, like three to five years and became a competitive dancer, then yes, you should have put it. I would have liked to read about your determination to win, maybe your struggles of self-image, or if you injured yourself in the process and how you quickly picked yourself up.

        As for doing band, if you were the leader, then yes, that would be interesting. As I said, Ivey has seen numerous people who were leaders in clubs like DECA or something business-related. For example, I did pro-life work, which was political. What I did was I stood on the streets and tried to discuss abortion with passersby. I was yelled at, cursed at and some threatened me. Despite this, I still kept going and remain calm because resorting to violence is counterproductive. Assuming that not a lot of Ivey students did pro-life work, that activity made me stand out a bit.

        Anyways, don’t beat yourself up. You already submitted what you have submitted and you can’t undo it. Just be patient and hopefully, you get the status, meaning you’re only 40% done cuz you have to maintain your 80s in uni + some extracurricular activities. Good luck man!

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  2. HBA1 here. Your average is a little on the low side given a 90 is basically the minimum. Your EC’s sound solid enough, but ultimately it will all come down to how well you wrote your essays. Also disregard the statement about you not correct asking about “getting into Ivey”. Yes you’re not technically in when you get AEO, and you don’t want to be the kid running around campus introducing themselves as AEO, but 80% of those with AEO continue to Ivey (the 20% includes those who chose to stick with their original program, not just those who lose the status), and for the purposes of asking on this website, that’s just being semantic and we all know what you mean.

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