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Will I get into Queens?

Will I get into Queens’ Humanities undergrad program with an 86% top 6 average? The cutoff is low 80s but I completely missed the PSE deadline which would have really helped and I’ve been stressing about it for months…

3 Answers

  1. You couldn’t bother to submit the PSE for submit as important as admissions? That’s a big red flag. Shows a lack of initiative.

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  2. I’ve seen this exact situation happen, with students much higher than the cutoff, multiple times before over the years and almost all students have been accepted. Since you’re applying to Humanities, I would honestly be shocked if they didn’t give you an offer. Let that be some peace of mind, but still have a backup plan just in case.

    Joel (co-founder of CampusRankings, acquired by yconic)

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