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Will I get any chance?

Hi everyone, I’m a grade 12 student, and i applied to these programs:   Western – nursing (main site), health science   U of T – life science (st. george), commerce (UTM)   Ryerson – biology, nursing (main site)   My top 6 are: Ad func – 98   Calc – 97   Data – 96   Eng – 78   Bio – 83   Chem – 78   I know some of you may say i shouldnt go into science with that low science mark, i know its low, but it was because of my personal issue, i know the materials pretty well and back in grade 11 i used to have 95 in chem :((( My question is, is it possible for me to get into nursing anywhere? Especially nursing at western cause its my top choice. Thanks!

3 Answers

  1. Yes, it is definitely possible. You just have to make sure you are meeting the minimum requirements that universities set out! If not, they always offer the option of explaining your personal circumstances to justify why your marks were so low. Your overall average seems great so it should not be a problem. Maybe call each university and double-check. You will definitely need to contact Toronto since they don’t have a set average.

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  2. If you don’t get into nursing, pick the business option because a general science degree is absolutely useless without further schooling.

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