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Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend?

Salutations my dearest of comrades. It is on this fine evening in which I must express misfortune with my chances of acquiring females to be my lovely girlfriend. I have a set of criteria for my preferred partner:
– 95% average or higher
– Blonde hair, blue eyes, caucasian
-Protruding female attributes 
-Anywhere between 4’11 and 5’5
-Wealthy (parents must make a minimum of $250,000, after tax, every year)

I strongly believe that this list of criteria is incredibly lenient and easy to find. Nonetheless, I cannot find a girlfriend! Why is this so complex? If it helps, I have 99% in health care. Please help me!

17 Answers

  1. There is a contradiction between your criteria. Caucasian but protruding female attributes?  Hm. Do they exist? Hard to find but don't give up!

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  2. You wonder why you can't find a girlfriend, but here you've listed traits as if its a shopping list. While everyone has their individual preferences when it comes to relationships, this is just absurd. Maybe you can't find a girl because you're asking the girl for her tax information on the first date. In addition, a relationship isn't just something that you shop around for, it should just happen naturally. You seem not to be looking for a girlfriend but actually a robot. Only when you change your secluded mentality will you be able to actually see the people around you. Having standards are good, but make them reasonable. This is like you trying to find someone you've seen pictured in a fashion magazine, but that someone is actually like the attributes of multiple people combined with computer modification technology to create the perfect image.

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  3. 250K every year after tax? Do your parents even make that much? Who tf looks for the amount of money someone's parents make? Idk why i'm even commenting cuz your standards are bs.

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  4. In my opinion, modern girls want too much from guys and this is unfair. I couldn’t find a girlfriend for too long till I faced this site This is a perfect place to find a beautiful woman of every nationality and have fun with her

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  5. How often do you meet new girls? Sometimes you need to meet 10 girls to find one.

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  6. I also never liked to be alone for a long time and so I’m constantly looking for where to find a new girlfriend. I haven’t dated anyone for a very long time since I found this website on the Internet. There are a lot of girls who want to meet and they are really very easy to deal with. I spend a lot of time there and I am very happy that I can find cool women there.

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