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Which Uni?

I know that political science is a very risky major to go into.  i’ve read all of the reviews on political science and advice and I still believe that it is the number one major that I feel most passionate about.  so before anyone tells me not to go into this major and calls it useless I want to say that if I’m really passionate about it I know that I can make it far so so try not to comment some bs about it.    i’m not sure which university to go to political science for due to the fact that I know all of the programs are generally the same but I’m looking for a place where I can at least get some co-op or get something different than other universities.  i’ve applied to UofT, Uottaw, Western, Waterloo, Queens, Laurier, Ryerson and Mcmaster.  I just feel that once school has to have some slight of higher ranking then another. I do realize that UofT is a really good school but I don’t want to be cracked under pressure. Let me know what you guys think!

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