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Which Type of Assignments/Evaluations have been the Most Useful/Effective for You in University?

Hello everyone, In order to help contribute towards making our school system just a little more effective, I just wanted to create a discussion asking which types of assignments have you taken away from the most within your courses in University. Examples can include any of the following: – Exams – Case studies – Presentations – Essays – Reports – Analysis Basically anything being evaluated! I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to discuss! 🙂

5 Answers

  1. Probably verbal presentations…public speaking is an underrated skill that will come in useful in the workforce.

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  3. All assignments are the same but the category is different. I think technical assignments is more effective because it is very hectic and also need the best skills. Students also face many issues in these assignments and therefore they must need cheap assignment helper online who can work for them. As a professional consultant, this is my personal suggestion and everyone can give personal suggestions.

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