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Which program should I go for?

This is a list of the univeristies that I got into and the programs:
  • UTM (Biochemistry)
  • UTSC (Neuroscience)
  • UW(Biochemistry)
  • Mcmaster(Biotech)
  • UO(biopharmaceutical sciences)
  • Queen’s(Life Science)
  • Guelph(Pharmacology)
I’m not sure which uni i should go to. I’m leaning towards Uoft cause I could stay at home and I could go into research in case i don’t get into medical school.

3 Answers

  1. Lol, you need a graduate degree at bare minimum to conduct research. Do you really think a BSc on its own is gonna net you a job working with credentialed scientists?

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  2. Since you need to pursue further schooling to really do anything with those degrees, I’d stay at home and save your money. Make sure to work hard to get good grades. You can look into B.Tech at Mac if you’re interested in engineering technology jobs though.

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