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Hussain Omer

Which one of these Waterloo programs am I most likely going to get an offer from?

Hello, so previously I asked the Yconic community to help me choose my final programs to apply for the University of Waterloo, but today, I want to know what are my chances of getting in into one of these programs:
  1. Computer Science
  2. BA/Mathematics (double degree)
  3. Computing and Financial Management
  4. Mathematics
Expected grade 12 average = 95% EC’s/Side Projects: Don’t have a lot of EC’s aside from clubs but I have a lot of side projects that show my passion for all 4 of these programs. Some of them include: I created numerous coding side projects on GitHub while also creating a programming tutorial series on other platforms. I have also been writing blogs on stuff like career advice…etc. I am also currently volunteering at a site called 7Cups which is a platform used for people to share their problems/concerns in these unprecedented times. These are some of my side projects and I am looking forward to adding more to my list. I was also planning to do more EC’s this summer but because of COVID-19, I did not get the opportunity to. Be 100% honest in which of these programs, in your opinion, I would get accepted to most likely.

3 Answers

  1. I dont think anyone can answer this question, how would anyone know which program ur gonna be accepted to, just focus on the requirements u need and work for it. Also u already asked this like multiple times on this website.

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  2. Which one of these waterloo programs am I most likely going to buy college essays an offer from? Different programs are shared on the page where it is good to understadn this program which is not easy to solve for everyone.

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