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Which Nursing school will I most likely get into?

Hi! I am a Canadian high school student and I was wondering which schools I could most likely get into with an 85-86% average. I am preparing to write my CASPER soon but I am still curious and very worried about not getting accepted into a nursing program. I am applying to a lot of schools but I am trying to be extra safe! The schools are: University of Calgary University of Alberta McMaster University Western University Queens University Trent University Ontario Tech York University Ryerson University University of Lethbridge Medicine Hat College University of British Columbia University of Victoria Windsor University Please share your experiences and help me out because I am so stressed. My HS counsellor thinks I won’t be able to get in and I really hope that’s not true. If you think I have a chance at other universities as well please let me know. Thank you so much <3

3 Answers

  1. You can look up competitive admission averages on each of the respective university websites, dude. Also, what does your guidance counsellor know about the admissions process? Is he involved in deciding who the school admits? No.

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  2. I can see you are willing to go out of town.
    Try local first, then the colleges you want to go.
    At your mark I can say that Algonquin College Pembroke Campus has a really high chance of admission for you. Admission averages around the low 80s.
    However, I live in Ottawa and therefore don’t know much about where you potentially live.
    Good Luck!

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  3. Not sure if this helps but schools such as UBC weigh extracurriculars 50/50 with academics. I have classmates who got into UBC programs who had lower averages than you that still got into their programs of choice. So in other words, if you partake in other hobbies, sports, clubs, or other activities, I think you definitely have a chance.
    Good luck and I hope you do well!

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