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Which nursing programs will I most likely get into?

Hi! I am a grade 12 student and my average will most likely be an 85 or 86%. I plan on applying to the following schools. Please be honest and just straight up tell if I have don’t have a chance at getting into these schools. I know my average is not that high but I really really want to get into the nursing field. Schools: University of Calgary Western University York University Queens University McMaster University Ryerson University Windsor University Brock University Trent University Ontario Tech University of Alberta University of Lethbridge Medicine Hat College University of British Columbia University of Ottawa University of Victoria I know this is a lot of schools but I am so scared I am not going to get in. Please let me know if there are any other schools hat you think may be good as well! Thank you so much <3  

1 Answer

  1. May get into mcmaster. Will get into york. But definitely not ryerson or queens

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