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4 Answers

  1. To be completely honest your grades are OUTSTANDING but your ECs are pretty average, if not a little underwhelming. I can't say whether you'll get in guaranteed but its all about writing those essays well and again your grades are very high so I think you have a fair chance. Good luck!!

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  2. QC is basically half marks/half EC's when it comes to assessing who's getting in and who isn't. Your grades are out of this world, but if I'm to be honest, the EC's are, as an above poster commented, underwhelming. To put it into perspective, a LOT of QC/Ivey applicants are gonna have super high marks as well as having much more impressive EC's, so that'll make you look pretty average in comparison. You've probably heard stories about friends or friends-of-friends not getting in even with 95-97 averages, and the supplementary stuff is responsible for that.In short – sell yourself the best you can with what you have. Your grades are definitely very high and that's very attractive as a sign to how well you'll do; you'll need to refer to the website and description of their ideal applicant and play exactly to the traits they want to see.Best of luck.
    Sincerely,A fellow QC applicant 🙂

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  3. Your grades are definitely extremely competitive, your EC’s are decent depending on how well you wrote your essays. Best of luck!

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