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Which business school is for me?

Next year I am going to be applying for universities and I really want to do business (more specifically finance and maybe something else that will propel me in the direction working on Bay street; hopefully trading and dealing with stocks). Nonetheless, I am not aware of what side of business that is). I know for business I need a competitive average being in the high 80’s low 90’s! I’m really set on doing business and have compiled a list of schools I desire to apply to this December: Queen’s Commerce, Schulich, Rotman and Ryerson TRSM. To give you all a little background information I am currently a high school student and by time I am in university, I plan on getting a start on my professional career. I want to go to a school where I can not only do internships, however, where I can get a medium to a good paying job, whilst attending university. I am a minority both a religious minority as well as a racial/ethnic minority, and not only do I want to “fit in”, I also want to be able to make friends easily, build relationships,  and not worry about being the victim of religious ridicule/mockery. I don’t come from a family that is upper middle class, let alone a family in which wealth or means is given easily. Needless to say, I come from a humble background. I know Queen’s commerce is all the way in Kingston, Ontario however, I feel like going to Queen’s commerce I would grasp the best education. On the contrary, I am also aware of Queen’s’ white Anglo-Saxon protestant (WASP) culture, clearly I would not fit in. Not only is that of concern to me, I feel like being around students who flagrantly flaunt their wealth is not a good environment for me to be in due to not coming from that background and the possibility of that igniting a sense of insecurity. I feel as if Queen’s party-like culture resembling American fraternities will not make me focus on studying, and it is too much of a party environment. Not only would I be living away from home for the first time, as I expect everyone else attending Queen’s to be doing the same, I worry about the prospects of getting a medium to good paying job whilst being in my first or second year at Queen’s university. The latter concern derives from Queen’s being situated in Kingston, Ontario. When I compare Kingston Ontario to a metropolitan city such as Toronto or Montreal, business and corporations are all in Toronto or Montreal. Economics is a huge role. If I am not able to get a scholarship to partially cover the funds for me to go to Queen’s than I am not sure if I would be able to attend. Queen’s will be my first option when applying this December due to its strong recruitment opportunities. I am also concerned about the bigotry which may arise at Queen’s as I am a young “minority” and I do not conceal my beliefs when I have the opportunity to advocate my thoughts and position on subjects, I fear being the target of bigotry. I was reading that Queen’s has a cult-like culture in which a certain ideology is pushed forward. Since the school is not diverse with Muslims, Hindus Seventh day Adventists and other religious groups, or diverse in cultures and races that will be a factor in my decision. So then comes my alternative option: Schulich. I have very little concerns with Schulich except for the field I want to study. Schulich is predominately a good school pertaining towards accounting and marketing, yet for a student such as myself who does not desire to be in accounting, I wonder if there education curriculum will be worth me going there as a prospective finance student. I don’t want to waste time, money travelling or the likes when doing my undergrad. A far as I read, Schulich’s recruitment is weak or not on par with the recruiters who go to Ivey or Queen’s. I want to make the best of my time doing my undergrad and not waste an hour of it! Schulich’s location will open me up to get a good paying job during my studies however, the educational quality of their finance sector of their program is what I worry about. I know Schulich will give me a lot more opportunities than York’s BCOM due to Schulich being  business school, being one of the best or renown in Canada, and their BBA having viability in the workforce, but their recruitment is a place of concern for me. Rotman worries me as they have a 40 percent drop out rate which is usually due to either students leaving the program, or students not being able to meet the requirements to stay in the first year of their program. I assume Rotman has top quality finance education, but I don’t know that for certain. I heard they have great recruitment yet, the social life at Rotman is of concern since numerous UofT students have reported it to be a highly competitive environment, non supportive, and rather lonely. That is one problem with the school that is of my greatest concern pertaining to Rotman. As someone who struggles with friendships, relationships and anxiety, not only do I want to have a studious time during my undergrad, moreover I do want to make friends and be in a supportive atmosphere. Lastly, Ryerson Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM). TRSM is rather recent in comparison to the other school I listed above. Albeit Ryerson possessing the warm, fun, environment that is not in excess, I worry about two things: their education quality along with the viability of a Ryerson degree! From reading previous threads on this website, TRSM degree seems to not carry much weight in the workforce. I want to be able to leave with a degree that is not looked as lesser-than by employers. I am well aware that experience is what is important, but someone with the same experience who comes from a “better” school would more likely be chosen for employment over the other person who comes from the “lesser” than school. I don’t want to waste time and money in a degree which will not carry weight in the workforce. Given the information provided, which business school is the right fit for me to pursue and put my energy in trying to obtain acceptance? Thank you in advance.  

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