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Which business program should I choose?

I am interested in a business degree, but I am not the best at math. i was accepted into all 5 universities I applied for, as I do excel in other subjects. I was wondering if you could tell me the program that would look the best on my resume but also wouldn’t be too heavy with math. a few of my friends dropped out of university because it was hard for them to keep up and i don’t want to follow in their footsteps. also if it makes any difference, the only grade 12 math experience i have is in advanced functions, which was a struggle to say the least. 1. University of Toronto Mississauga – Business management 2. York University – Bcomm 3. Laurier (Brantford) – Business technology management 4. Waterloo – Honours of arts and business (majoring in economics) 5. Ryerson – International economics and finance Any advice would be great! thanks!

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