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What were the past years admissions average for western nursing??? Also anyone know the earliest to hear back from western nursing?

I’m a grade 12 student looking to get into Western Nursing (only really want to go there). My average will likely be at least above an 92-93. Anyone know the admissions average from past years?? Looking to compare it to mine and see my chances. Also anyone know the earliest I could hear back from Western?? my grade 11 average was a 95% but I don’t know if they do early acceptance.   Also anyone have advice on CASPer exam??? How much does it effect your application

3 Answers

  1. All of the competitive averages for each respective program are posted and updated yearly on the UWO website, dude…

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  2. Last year’s cutoff was a 91.5 but since they are doing the CASPER test this year i’m not sure if they’ll do early acceptance.

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