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What should I take in university to eventually become an investment banker?

My grade 12 average will range from the low to high 80’s, so based on this do you guys have any program/university recommendations?

3 Answers

  1. With high-80s aiming for UWO's 2+2 would be ideal. Queen's Comm would be a bit of a stretch but worth applying to. Waterloo also gets great recruiting for quantitative programs. McGill is good for business. Schulich is overrated, but people may disagree with me here. 
    Beyond those – Queen's, UWO, UofT, UBC and McGill non-commerce programs have a surprisingly decent presence on the street. I would pick one of these schools over a business program that isn't listed above. McGill Mathematics has far more recognition on wall street than McMaster's Business Program. 

    Source: Work at a well-known NY/CT/LDN hedge fund. 

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    • Depends on who you ask. I would suggest getting a BUSINESS DEGREE if you're getting into BUSINESS, as you'll get a vast knowledge and some really great internship/co-op opportunities with that over a math degree. However if you know you want an MBA for sure, it doesn't really matter what your major is as long as you succeed in your program.
      Source: I've asked bankers, investment people, financial planners, and business owners and they weigh a business degree from any school over a non-business degree from a top school. At the end of the day your credentials and certifications are what's going to land the job, some of which you do need a business background in. But hey, everyone has different opinions.

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