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What should I do?

Hello! I am currently a Grade 11 student and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice for my situation. I finished my first semester with an 80% in Physics and an 88% in Chemistry. IMO my marks could have been better I just think I did not use my time as wisely as I could have (dang it, time management :)), and was not prepared for these courses to be so harsh. For my post-secondary education I want to go into computer science, mainly because I think I will enjoy learning about this topic and also gaining new skills along the way, but this decision is still not yet set in stone. I am afraid that these two marks will drag me down and make me ineligible for a spot at universities like UofT, Ryerson, and York (I am of course looking at other universities and colleges but these are my top three choices so far). My school offers E-learning courses during the year and summer and I was thinking of retaking 11U Physics. I understand that taking science heavy courses online is usually not a very good idea but I think that if I set time to focus directly on physics I will do much better than my first try, with accessible resources to help me if I struggle, too. I also know that UofT doesn’t really like when students retake a course but I know that I will not do well in 12U Physics if I don’t learn the fundamentals that we studied in Grade 11. Is it worth me re-taking physics? Would I be able to secure a spot at university with these marks? *Also just a quick P.S. I am not looking for early admission but have been told quite a lot of times that Grade 11 marks matter a lot which is why I have so many concerns.

4 Answers

  1. Uh, no, don’t waste your time. It’s pointless to re-take gr. 11 courses unless you absolutely must for the purposes of fulfilling the OSSD requirements. Focus on gr. 12 next year, gr. 11 is largely irrelevant. Plus, you got an A- in the course. You’re acting as if you only got a 50.

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  2. Hi there! I agree with hzll0, no need to retake those 11 courses. It is pointless. If you need any help with your tasks, I can offer to check this website where you can receive the best assignment help for the best price. These guys will help you to get A for all courses.

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