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What programs can I apply to with these courses?

I want to make a lot of money after graduating university one day. I want to study something I enjoy which makes a lot of money. However, I am anxious that I am taking are not good for programs which can lead me to a high paying starting salary.   English Calculus & Vectors Advanced Functions And the rest are all art courses   What programs uses calculus & vectors as a prerequisite, that can lead me to a high starting salary after graduation? Also, I would like to point out that I am interested in business (in particular finance). I found out the anecdote of the appraised university programs, Queen’s Commerce and Western’s Ivey business students graduating with six-figure jobs working for prestigious firms such as; Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young and et cetera are in fact all fallacies due to my research of researching recent grads from these programs and their salary are often in the 60k to 70k dollars range, nonetheless this is parallel to what business grads from Ryerson TRSM, Schulich and Rotman make starting out as well. My primary goal s to make 90k and more as a starting salary however what programs can lead me to such profession, what are these professions and why should I go into them? I really do not want to graduate from a program which will require me to immediately go into professional studies/grad school in order for me to obtain a high income. I want to work for a bit then go to graduate school. In addition, I would like to do something which includes math, however profession where math is excessively used to the point where it is a burdensome.   Thank you for everyones input.  

7 Answers

  1. If you want to make the most money possible, move out to the Prairies and study petroleum engineering. Starting salary is close to six-figures. You won’t be making 90k out of the gate with a finance degree, regardless of which school you attend, completely unrealistic. You seem to be living in a hypothetical utopia if you think business kids are rolling in the dough as soon as they graduate.

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  2. Most business programs require you to take MCV4U. Pretty sure all engineering programs require MCV4U as well but you need science courses. If you don’t take science courses, you will most likely not be able to apply for an engineering or some sort of science degree.

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  3. Hello dear, this is your personal decision and you are interested in this course so you can easily apply there.

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  4. If you are interested in accounting, then the best courses preferably will be Chartered Accountant, Cost Accounting, Chartered Financial Analyst, MBA in Finance, and Chartered Accountancy. A graduate accounting degree is great preparation for jobs in finance sector. The median wage for accountants was $69,350 in 2017 and now it is double.
    Regards, cv maker in Oman

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