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What program should I do and where (I’ll elaborate greatly and neatly in the details about myself)

I have some ideas on what to do so I’m not completely lost, but it’s difficult for me to settle into a program because I have so many interests. Additionally, I don’t know where to go to.

Here are the following programs that I am interested in:

  • Computer Science + Minor in Physics/Stats/Applied Math
  • Statistics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Aerospace engineering
  • Engineering Physics

Here are some things I look for in a job:

  • Engaging, Interactive, and Creative
  • Good job growth
  • Good pay (Maybe $100,000/a once I’ve got experience)
  • Not very stressful, but I am okay with handling some stress
  • Little to none straining physical activity
  • Providing a service and/or helping others
  • Not the same thing over and over
  • Good environment for introverts

Things I am looking for in terms of universities:

  • Reasonable costs
  • Strong co-op program
  • Good academic and personal support
  • Good environment

Some things about me:

  • I love music (I’ve been a pianist for almost 10 years within RCM)
  • My communication skills are not very strong now but are improving
  • I can adapt to different situations
  • I’d say I am a good problem solver but not exceptional
  • I’m quite shy but can still work in a team
  • The applied/theoretical field of CS interests me a lot, but I wouldn’t want to just code for a living.
  • I am strong at math and physics, and love doing both.
  • I am not fully interested in: Chemistry, Electricity, Software, Business/Finance

1 Answer

  1. Comp sci or any math (stats included) will probably offer you the most flexibility in terms of employment prospects. Only go into a niche engineering field if you’re sure that’s where you want to go because there’s less wiggle room to transition to different industries.

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