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Hussain Omer

What placeholders do universities use if calculus and vectors is in second semester?

Hi,   I was wondering what placeholders (grade 11 marks) do universities such as Waterloo  use if calculus and vectors is in the second semester of grade 12, final mark is not available for universities to make an offer.

7 Answers

  1. They would wait until you had at least an interim grade in calc before granting a conditional offer. They won’t provide any other offers if calc is strictly a prereq for the program you’re applying to.

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  2. Isn’t Adv Functions a pre-req for Calc? You would need to take Adv Functions in 1st semester and Calc in 2nd semester anyway. You also have no say what courses the universities you apply to see marks for. They will receive all your grade 11 and grade 12 marks.

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