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What marks do universities look at for regular admissions.

Is it first semester final and second semester mid-term. Looking to apply to life science at McMaster and also want to know when acceptances come out.

2 Answers

  1. Yeah, for regular acceptances they look at your final first semester marks and midterm second semester marks. In some cases if they accept you earlier (not as early as early acceptance) they might look at your first semester final marks and your grade 11 prerequisites for second semester. Acceptances normally come between January/February (early acceptance usually) and May, but you might wanna look into exactly when McMaster does its admission rounds.

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  2. They hand out conditional offers based on interim gr. 12 marks meaning you have to adhere to certain thresholds, otherwise they can revoke. Only exception is if you’re a mature student and applying as a 105 student or have some completed gr. 12 courses from previous years. Acceptances come out in waves throughout the year until the deadline which is the beginning of June.

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