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What is the job outlook for nursing and teaching?

Hey, I’ll be going into grade 11 this year and have considered nursing or teaching as a career choice. I’ve done some research on both these professions, which showcases that there will be an increase in demand for nurses in the future, all across Canada. As for teaching, I’m interested in becoming a high school science teacher. I know that doing biology and chemistry this year will help me realize what I’m more interested in. However, the job outlook for high school teachers does not seem as great in Ontario compared to nursing. I wish to pursue in either one of these careers since both involve helping and supporting many indivisuals, which also makes both these professions extremely rewarding. My concern is whether or not the research is in fact true and if it would be the right decision to pursue one of these careers. Thank you for the replies, all are appreciated.

2 Answers

  1. Just become a nurse if you hope to be employed and not waiting on a list of 1000 other substitute teachers.

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  2. Nursing is definitely a job in demand right now. That being said if you’re planning on teaching a STEM subject (in french preferably) you’ll probably get a job. I would say go to uni for nursing then after go to nursing school or get your BEd.

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