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Lisa Clara

What is Citrate synthase?

CS; EC; EC; 9027-96-7; Citrate (Si)-synthase; (R)-citric synthase; Citrate oxaloacetate-lyase [(pro-3S)-CH2COO–>acetyl-CoA]

1 Answer

  1. Citrate synthase catalyses the conversion of Citrate to acetyl-CoA in the presence of coenzyme-A with the release of H2O and oxaloacetate. The enzyme has a molecular weight of 85 kDa and a pI of 6.1-6.6. It is inhibited by fluoroacetyl-CoA, palmitoyl-CoA, and citroyl-CoA. It is also inhibited when it is acetylated by acetic anhydride or iodinated by iodine.
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