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What grade 12 sciences should I take?

Hi I am a Grade 12 student looking to apply to most likely UBC. My extracurriculars are fairly good as I am apart of band, multiple sports teams, Model UN, and my district’s student council. I also am an executive in my school’s Student Council and my local hospital’s youth team. My grade 11 average was 97% but no APs or IB program. In all honesty, I have no idea what I’d like to pursue after high school. My mentality was to do my best in order to have the most options when the time came to pick an undergraduate program. I’m currently signed up to take Physics and Chem 12 as I was planning to pursue Engineering after Highschool. In grade 11, I took Chemistry 11 which I received a 92% in and Physics 11 which I received 97%.  However, I realized that it wasn’t something I truly loved so I am now looking at other careers.  Health and life sciences have begun to pique my interest such as Bio Physics but since I am going to be taking Physics and Chem 12 should I be switching to my school’s grade 12 Biology course? I know that at UBC the Science Programs require only one grade 12 science but if I were to apply to another school some ask that we take Biology 12 as a required course. I also do not want to be behind other students simply because I did not take Biology 12 in highschool. I guess this question sounds stupid now but if I were to pursue a health science course should I be taking Biology 12? If so, should I drop Chemistry 12 or Physics 12?

1 Answer

  1. Ofc if u want to apply to health sci/life sci, for most universities bio is required, also another science/math for some universities. Grade 12 bio isnt that hard.

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