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What do you even need calculus for??

What kind of university courses would I use gr.12 calculus in? Or what would it give me a better understanding of? Deciding wether or not I really need   to take gr.12 calc or not. any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

4 Answers

  1. Are you planning on going into Engineering? You need it. It's one of the admission requirements for almost all Universities.

    Business? You can. You do need some Calculus knowledge since you do have to take a few Math courses.

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  2. If you want to become a math teacher at a high school, you will need to do calculus 12

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  3. Thanks:)I'm thinking going animal biology/ bio-resource management route. The programs I'm looking into don't require it for admission but I 'm wondering if it would  be benefical yo take now.

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