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Hussain Omer

What do Ontario Universities look at?

Hi, I was wondering how Ontario Universities look at the marks, for example, if the program requirements for Computer Science at Waterloo is 6 U and/or M Courses including Advanced Functions, Calculus, English, and one U Course, Does this mean you can have 6 U or 6M only and 6 U with M courses too, for example, 4 U and 2 M, 5 U and 1 M Does this meet the requirement for Computer Science?

3 Answers

  1. If you’re planning to attending university your top 6 must contain U/M courses. Specifically, it must contain the prerequisites (these are usually U courses) and the remaining courses to make up your 6 must be either U or M. So yes, for CS you can have 4U and 2M or 5U and 1M as long as your prerequisites are included.

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  2. For elective courses, only certain schools/programs will limit the amount of M courses you can take. Usually, 4U and 4M are valued the same. Unless they specifically tell you that you can’t have more than two 4M courses in your average or whatever, it’s fair game.

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