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What Canadian Universities accept a B average?

Hello! I am currently a grade 11 student in BC. After I graduate highschool, I plan on going to University to study Criminology or Criminal Justice. The schools I’m hoping to get into are SFU, or York as they both and programs in that field of study. My current grades are:

Math – 76%
Social Studies – 81%
English – 79%
Physics and Chemistry – 70%

My overall average is about 80%. Do I have a good shot at getting into these schools? If not which schools should be able to accept me with these types of grades?

10 Answers

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  2. why would you want to go to a uni that accepts B's. Do better in grade 12. I was a 60s student in gr11 and in grade 12 im maintaining a 94 avg just work hard and don't limit your chances of getting accepting into a good university. You should be striving to go to a top tier uni, not just York because they accept average grades.

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  3. Regan, what in the world do you plan on doing with a criminology degree? If you're sucking in high school then maybe university just isn't for you. This is OK and you can find good college programs that will actually get you a job. If you must go to uni, then do business so you can get a job. You're not getting anything out of a useless Crim degree unless you do postgrad.

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  4. You can definitely get into York, idk anything about SFU though. Personally, I would recommend that if you plan on leaving home you should look into campuses elsewhere, just because of the York's atmosphere. I know many people who have graduated from YU and are now in Law, pharmacy, and even medicine. Yet, they all complain that attending York was very similar to attending high school (No real uni experience, everyones a commuter, no socializing, barely anyone lives on res ). However, push for higher grades no matter where you plan on going.

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