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What are the differences between engineering at Calgary and at Queens?

I need to choose between these two universities. I have been accepted to both. Any help would be appreciated

3 Answers

  1. Well, for one, they’re both in different provinces. Who is funding your education and which province do you live in? Go to the one in your home province if you care about $$$ in your bank account.

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  2. What was it about these 2 schools and their engineering programs in particular that drew you to apply to them? What have you learned about them?

    – Macleans ranks Queen’s Engineering as 9th and Calgary’s as 11th (so not much difference)
    – Queen’s is a smaller school
    – Queen’s boasts a 91% graduation rate (I don’t know Calgary’s)
    – Both schools offer 12-16 month internship
    – Both schools offer a first year credit recovery program
    – Both schools have a general first year before declaring the stream you want to pursue
    – Queen’s offers open choice when choosing your stream for 2nd year (provided you’ve passed all your courses) but at Calgary it is competitive admission based on GPA and demand
    – The schools offer different streams in addition to the traditional ones: Queen’s has Engineering Science (Physics, Chem, Math, Geo), Calgary has Bio, Environmental, Petroleum, Energy, Geomatics
    – Calgary’s program seems offer a wider range of opportunities to customize your degree with minors and specializations

    Something else you may want to consider is depending on which specialization you are interested in pursuing, if you do decide to do an internship, what types of companies are you likely to get placed at based on regional differences (Ontario vs Alberta)? Once you graduate, which province would you rather work in?

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